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Great teams are not made up of perfect individuals, but rather when each one’s imperfections are complimented with the other members.  For any team to be effective and productive, a comprehensive effort from all the members is required. Since an organization’s workforce is made up of individuals, it is common to have disagreements and difference of opinions. But an efficient team puts aside their individual differences to achieve their common goal. They are ready to sacrifice their ego to the betterment of the group.

As said earlier, it is normal to have dissents among group members. In fact, it is healthy for a team to have good arguments so that all the aspects of a certain issue are discussed. Most importantly a common agreement develops after the discussions and debates which help in making the final decision or approach. It is an important task of the team leader to bring a consensus among the team members and lead the whole team in the same direction, concentrating their entire focus on the one and only goal. Only then the team can deliver the best of their abilities.

Regular team building exercises are very effective for building rapport among the team leader and members and the members among themselves. Team building companies in Singapore focus on creating a bond between the team members and help them to see beyond their individual differences. There can be various interesting games and case analysis scenarios. Some team building companies in Singapore have experts in psychology and human behavior, who help the team members to better understand their fellow workers. Open discussions and team activities bring in closeness between team members after a good team building exercise.

“No man is an island” says John Donne and very rightly so. Research has also proven that human beings are most productive when they work together. Needless to say if a team’s members have different goals, they will never reach their common goal, instead they might even decrease their own productivity. An effective team building exercise will have long lasting effects on a team like better communication and better relationships which will in turn improve the performance of the group.

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