Attributes of Team Building in Singapore

Team building is an activity wherein individual members, with their unique talents and personalities, are integrated with the team in order for form an organization, which can drive results more effectively. It involves various activities and exercises to support the team objectives. Organizations of different scales and specialities are known to conduct these activities on an almost annual basis, due to its obvious benefits. Activities can span from the purely educational, the purely motivational, the purely recreational, or a synergetic combination of the three.

Team building in Singapore involves an overall facilitator that helps direct the team towards the goal. However, teams can also opt to facilitate themselves with mutual understanding and respect. The facilitation structure can depend upon the size or type of team being built.

Successful team building in Singapore must:

  • Be Fun: Recreation is a very important aspect of team building. People are known more to learn when having fun. Teams must have activities that are truly enjoyable. Highly competitive activities such as sports must are avoided as members stray off from its objective and gear themselves towards the winning aspect of the game.
  • Be Engaging: Multiple team building activities are encouraged, delivered in a strategic manner. These activities must involve individuals using multiple talents and intelligence. Activities that solely focus on a single intelligence sphere (purely physical or purely mental) are seen as boring and may not cater to the overall team. Various activities are available that engages individuals in multiple levels — from challenging games to group non-game based activities (such as drum circles or culinary-based activities).
  • Be Educational: Each activity must be able to tackle an aspect of the team’s required dynamics. There are activities available that strengthen the team’s communication skills. There are also activities that enhance the team’s trust towards each other. There are other activities that tackle conflict management and other situational aspects. Also, each team activity must cap off with a processing session where each member can contribute in sharing the unique lessons they’ve learned and incorporate it into the organization’s overall goals.

In Singapore, team building activities serve as an egalitarian platform wherein each member is equal. Rank must be neglected at these activities in order to increase the overall strength and effectiveness of the team. With this in mind, individuals who undergo such activities are known to have an intrinsic drive to deliver success for the overall benefit of the whole organization.

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