Why is good team building necessary in Singapore?

Team building is an activity where individual members, with their unique personalities and talents, are unified with the team in order to form an organization, which can drive results more efficiently. It includes various exercises and activities to support the team’s objectives. Organizations of dissimilar specialties and scales conduct these activities on an almost regular basis, due to its evident benefits. Activities can vary from the purely motivational, the purely educational, the purely recreational or even a synergistic combination of the three.

In Singapore, team building involves an overall facilitator that directs the team towards the goal. However, teams can also choose to facilitate themselves with mutual respect and understanding. The facilitation structure depends upon the size or the type of team being built.

Successful team building must:

  • Be engaging: Numerous team building activities are encouraged and delivered in a strategic manner. These activities must involve individuals using multiple capacities and intelligence.
  • Be fun: Recreation is an important aspect of team building. People are known to learn more when having fun. Teams should have activities that are truly enjoyable.
  • Be educational: Every activity must be able to tackle an aspect of the required dynamics.

Team building activities serve as a democratic platform where each member is equal. Ranks must be neglected in these activities in order to increase the overall effectiveness of the team. With this concept in mind, individuals who experience such activities are known to have an intrinsic drive to bring success for the overall benefit of the whole organization.

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