Corporate Entertainment and Team Building Ideas for a company in Singapore

Create a theme and compliment this by encouraging fancy dress – which always puts people in party mode! If the fancy dress doesn’t appeal ensure a dress code is made clear.

Salsa or Latin is a spicy invigorating idea.

Incorporate the theme with the food, Spanish or Mexican, maybe tapas to snack on or huge tasty paella. Exotic cocktails like a Cuban ‘Mojito’ a refreshing drink made with white rum, sugar, soda, freshly squeezed lime juice and lots of freshly crushed mint leaves or a simple ‘Cuba Libre’ (rum and coke). Add cocktail umbrellas to brighten them up.

Decorating can be done by staff on a budget or many companies offer amazing decoration – transforming rooms to feel like you are in another country – on holiday, in extreme party mode!

Use the party theme on the invites, to start getting people excited, as well as on the menus and table names.

Dancing is the best way to get everyone mixing and releasing their ‘Happy Hormones’! Almost everybody feels happy when they dance – those that don’t, will benefit from learning – so why not try a basic fun lesson during the corporate events this year?

Merengue is a fun easy form of salsa that can be taught very quickly and then enjoyed during the evening. A brief lively lesson is a great way to kick start the party and gets everyone mixing.

Book a dance teacher that is very experienced to handle a large group that may have had a few warm-up drinks, so they can make them laugh, learn and enjoy, as well as swapping partners through the lesson which is great for corporate team building and getting everyone to meet each other.

Dance entertainers often offer additional party entertainment for example professional show performances or training up staff for a ‘surprise performance’ – professionally or as a comedy piece!

Use a dance event company that will also provide event planning and/or event management as they will have invaluable experience. They may also supply ‘dance taxis’ to dance with people through the evening as well as running fun lineups and party dances to give everyone that extra feel-good factor.

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