4 Team Building Exercises for Your Corporate Events

While organizing an event for your team members or the whole staff, it is important to focus on the activities those are not just educational but helpful in making the bond of employees stronger. Therefore, while planning for a corporate event, it is suggested to add some enjoyable team building exercises to create a happy, closely-knit and dynamic team.

Here is the list of top 4 activities for team bonding in Singapore that you can add to your next corporate event.

  • Poker Tower: It is an interesting activity for team building in Singapore that you can add to your corporate event. For this activity, you will need some packs of poker cards and instruct the interested candidates to build a tower with the cards. This activity is helpful in stimulating team bonding and creativity.
  • Trust Walk: If you want to promote leadership skills and teamwork at your workplace, this is the best activity for you. For this activity, you will need a good location. Divide team members and keep two members in each team. One partner will be blindfolded and other one will guide his blindfolded partner. The navigator will instruct his blindfolded partner so that he/she can reach out the targeted location. This activity will make your employees trust each other in the real world.
  • Truth and Lie: This activity will help in improving communication at workplace and increase the team bonding. In this exercise each member will prepare 3 statements. Each member will share the statements. The objective of the corporate team building in Singapore activity is to tell which statement is a truth and which one is a lie.
  • Blind Drawing: Another interesting and fun team building activity is blind drawing. The motive of this activity is to enhance communication and promote the creativity of employees. Divide the teams and each team will have 2 members. One team member will get a picture or word that he/she supposed to describe to his/her partner without saying what it is exactly and giving hints. The other member has to draw the picture of what is described by his/her partner.

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